Sunday, September 27, 2020
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The Best Robotic Pool Cleaners for Above Ground Pools

When owning an above ground pool, it is essential to use the right machine for cleaning it very well, so that you can swim safely, without having any sort of health problems. If you do not know what product you should get for an excellent result, then here are the best robotic pool cleaners for above ground pools.

SmartPool SmartKleen

This great device will help you have clean above ground pool at all times. Moreover, this unit can also clean in-ground pools. The machine utilizes a self-contained filtration system that will highly micro filter the water as it will actually clean it. It operates independently of your existing filtration system, and you will absolutely love the fact that the SmartPool SmartKleen uses just a little power, and therefore, saves energy. The device scrubs and vacuums extremely well the floor of your swimming pool, and it features a 2-hour shut off, 40 ft, cord, a machine-washable filter bag, and 1-year warranty. All in all, it is one of those products that is worth every penny, as it can do an excellent job.

Aquabot Pool Rover

This is a wonderful device that can clean very well above ground swimming pools up to 27-inch diameter. It can scrub and vacuum very good the floor, but unfortunately not the walls or steps. The machine includes a 41-inch long power cord and it features a short 30-minute cleaning cycle, a 2-hour automatic shut-off, a 43-quart capacity filter, and a pair of extra wide wheels that roll easily over bumps and ripples as well. The Aquabot Pool Rover is very easy to use, very efficient, and quite affordable as well.

Aquabot Breeze XLS

Another great product from Aquabot is the Breeze XLS model. This unit uses an advanced technology for enhanced performance, and it does a wonderful job on in-ground and above ground swimming pools as well. It is compatible with all pool surfaces, and it can filter up to 85 gallons per minute. The floor, cove and the walls will be highly clean, so that you can swim in a very clean, clear, and safe water. A 1 to 2-hour timer is also provided. All in all, the Aquabot Breeze XLS is without a doubt one of the best robotic pool cleaners for above ground pools that you should own.